Tuesday, September 28, 2010


These are two remaining shots from Sunday night on the way home after dinner. As I mentioned yesterday, the 'blaze of color' sort of fizzled, but I was able to make a little out of it anyway, I think. This first one was around that rib restaurant of the sick-but-now-better-Mom. I really do like the silhouette.

This second shot was out at Lake Garrison with this soft reflection on the water. The water was so calm and occasionally we'd see a duck dive under for dinner and then he's 'bob' up again. Then repeat the process......
This morning looked like it might be another warm day so I took my walk early (for me!) carrying my ever-present camera around my neck. I've ordered a little snap n' shoot that should be arriving any day now. It might be handy for places then my heavier camera is awkward.......like these daily walks. Course, I can see where there will be times that I could kick myself for not having my heavy-duty with me. While on my walk, there was one stretch where the air was just thick with flying ants or termites......I'm never sure what they are.......except that they hatch and fly out of their ground nests this time of year. Always seems to be rather warm weather, too. They fly blind and there's always some that fly into me.....I remember to keep my mouth closed at this time. I was wondering where the dragon flies were today.......In past years, they float and dart through the air grabbing up these thousands of flying beasties. Nature seems to be off-kilter this year in a number of ways.........this being one of them. I haven't seen too many butterflies, dragonflies, or Rufus-sided tohees. There have been some but not as many as pasts years.
Well, get ready for a great Wednesday everyone.........think of me tomorrow morning as I suffer in the dentist's chair.....8-((. No, actually, I'm lucky to have few dental problems compared to many. And if it gets too uncomfortable, I just go somewhere else in my thoughts. I did this once so well I fell asleep and my dentist had to wake me up because my teeth were wrapping around his fingers.......Ouch!!
Have a great day!!

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