Friday, September 24, 2010


This sign is at a south coast restaurant between Port Orford and Bandon. It's a rib house and they have enormous bar-b-ques out in front that they fire up every weekend. A few weeks ago they closed with a hand written sign announcing to all who passed by on Hwy 101, that Mom was sick and they were closed. Then about a week ago you can see in this photo that they're telling everyone that "Mom is better". Still closed, but for all who passed by and were concerned for Mom, rest assured that she's OK!! 8-)) Just thought you ought to know...........This second photo is one that I cherish every year........the return of the geese!! It absolutely thrills me every autumn and I always consider it Mother Nature's birthday gift to me. I know what they sound like when they fly overhead and if in the house, all that I might be doing comes to a dead-stop as I rush out to wish them on to whatever adventures they're off to. I welcome them back every year, same as their annual return. And in late spring I feel a real sadness as I see many flocks in their 'V' formation as they honk their way to the north, carrying my "God-Speed!" with them........And then I await until the next autumn for my annual gift. Hoping everyone has a gorgeous and healthy weekend!!

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