Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I survived my dentist's appointment just fine. They really run a first-rate dental office there. Everyone is super friendly, efficient and professional.
But........I'm always glad when it's behind me. A return visit on Monday....otherwise I got an A-1 report.

After the dentist we took a ride down by the south jetty of the Coquille River. The fog horns were blasting away, the tide was at minus and sun losing it's hold to the mists that were pouring up the mouth of the river. It was beautiful. This first photo was further up from the jetty. It's the location that I found thousands of pelicans last winter that had blown in with a bad storm. Today the water was shrouded and mysterious looking. No pelicans that I could see, just lots of gulls poking through the exposed rocks for their mid-day meal. Just realized that I got the photos reversed. So, this description is for the second shot. You can see the Bandon Lighthouse across the river.

The first shot is down closer to the jetty and the fog was thicker. The tide was beginning to come in and every once in a while one of the waves would splash fairly high. Not in this photo, though. The fog became even thicker while I was shooting........a couple of people walking their dogs blended into the gray background and there was the usual gull hang-out that is down there in the parking lot. There are always a large flock of about 50 gulls looking for people to come down with some food to share........they're always VERY alert and at the slightest sign, you'll find yourself immediately surrounded by more birds than most would want. There are some people, and I've seen them, that enjoy going down frequently with lots of bread or whatever for them. Brave people.......and a little dirty after the feeding. Not for the timid-hearted..........Not for me.
Have a wonderful Thursday..........Enjoy the adventure!!

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