Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wasn't it hot today??? And humid!! We traveled for our weekly trip to Coos Bay and we finally had to AC on in the car for the drive home. Into Bandon came the first of the, here at home, it's foggy and enough of a wind to make it chilly outside. We turned the heat on in the house to take the chill out! Crazy weather swings......course that's pretty typical for the coast.

This first photo was a Queen Anne's Lace flower going to seed. One of my favorite flowers.......the other day I dropped some of my greeting cards off at Tim's.......Jefferey's Salon in Langlois, and found the most beautiful scraf. It reminds me a lot of Queen Anne's Lace. Definitely not a scarf to keep the cold at bay. Sort of a mauve color, with velvet tassels and lace. To be worn when I feel Victorian. Thanks, Michelle, for pointing it out. In the second photo, it's one of the Cedar Terrace yellow-jackets....8-))
They grow them big up here, don't they?? Six feet tall! This particular yellow-jacket might be known by some as "My Norm". Going for his much-hated walk. Poor's only cause he knows it's good for him.

After our little bit of rain last week it was enough to send a few mushroom pushing through the soil here and there. This one has already been nibbled on although I think it's least to humans.

I got another new's a little point and shoot which will be handy for times when the heavier D90 is awkward. I've taken a few photos and they look pretty good on the camera's screen but I haven't put them on the computer yet. That's the proof of whether it was a good buy or not. Maybe tomorrow I'll have posted some photos from the new one.

Celebrate Friday and get ready for a fun weekend. Hopefully, our great fall weather will grace us with it's presence again.

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