Monday, September 20, 2010


Up the Elk River this afternoon.......I thought there would be more color but I guess I'm going to have to remain patient a while longer. There were some leaves turning color, but I really got side-tracked when I discovered a little path down a short hill to where a stream fed into the Elk.
But first........look at this beautiful old tree. That wonderful moss with some maple leves, still fairly green, surrounding it. I also took a wide angle shot, but I though this image showed off the lines of the tree more. I wonder how old it is.

As you can see, I'm still working on getting that slow shutter, silky look on moving water. I thought this one was fairly good. Of course, I didn't have a tri-pod so instead I plopped myself down on rock or ground to try and remain motionless. There was quite a bit of water flowing......more than I'd have thought from the little rain we had.
When we were driving back towards Hwy 101, I saw where the man who is looking for gold was still at it. I don't know if I mentioned him or not when I was up there about a month or so ago. He was in a diving suit with goggles. There's some kind of machine that's in the water, too, and I'm just guessing about what he's doing but that's the only thing that makes sense to me. Be interesting to find out how much, if anything, he's finding.
My poor old kitty Willie is just getting so old. I'm not sure, and I hope that whatever the problem is passes, but I think she's acting like she's in pain. This is the hardest thing about having a least if you have it in your mind that the pet is part of the family. I've had to put other pets down and it always evokes feelings in me where I again realize how precious is life. Our own or those who wander onto our paths. Then again, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Willie's appetite, so maybe she'll get to acting a little less pained. I really hope so.
How was everyone's Monday?? Mine was pretty good. I even got out and did a little bit of pruning in the 'Backyard Jungle: The Movie'. Speaking of........we've finished the wonderful 'Doc Martin' and are now watching 'Pillars of the Earth'. It sure isn't a comedy. Life was cheap back in the 1st century.....I think that's about the time period. The church and everyone else was corrupt and so far it appears the bad guys are winning. There are a number more episodes to watch and hope that those evil villains get theirs!!
Tuesday should be a good day for one and all........Have fun!!

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