Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today was actually warmer then it looked, regardless of the threatening skies. This first photo was taken in Charleston down at the marina. I've taken this before but am always attracted to the moss-covered pilings and their reflections......especially when the sun isn't so bright as to wash out the colors.
And this second shot was taken from one of the bluffs along Beach Loop in Bandon. My Photoshop is acting up tonight and I don't care too much for the way they both look a little washed out to me. I figure it out tomorrow.
We had that wonderful golden eye snapper tonight for dinner........It was SO good!! And we have enough for another meal!! Thank you, Doug!!
And I bought all the ingredients I need to make up some posole this weekend or early next week. I'm looking forward to it! Pesto making tomorrow and I might still get another couple of pickings from our basil in the greenhouse. Enjoyed lemon cukes tonight on our salad......they should have been producing a good couple of months ago, but I guess the summer has been cooler than I realized. Makes them doublely good now!
This is a short one tonight........much still to do and one of those things is to get my editing software back where it's supposed to be!
You're coming up Friday and then another great late summer weekend. Make it a good one!!

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