Friday, October 1, 2010


Looks like our little heat wave of yesterday definitely came to an's been cool and foggy all day here in Port Orford. So....I thought we'd return to the in-coming fog of Bandon from a few days ago.
This first shot was of a small craft coming back over the Bandon bar, escaping the fog, I'm sure. If you can view this photo in it's larger form, you'll see that the fishman at the back isn't about to quit just yet. "Just one more" I think of him saying. When Norm and I had our boat, I didn't really care whether I caught anything or not. I enjoyed just sitting there, waiting and taking in the sights and sounds of Suisun Bay in California. I usually managed to catch something........much to the annoyance of Norm, who didn't. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my theory on that is that Norm had this disgusting "good luck charm" of spitting on his bait. Ugh! I used hand lotion.........I caught the fish! 8-)) Neat thing happened this morning while Norm and I were having our morning coffee. We heard a loud 'thunk'.....sort of like when a lid pops off a container after too much pressure has built up. I checked and THAT didn't happen........then we both thought that it might have been a bird hitting the window. I went out front to check and sure enough......a fairly large dove. And there was another dove, either a mate or off-spring, that swooped down to it's fallen companion. I figured it was dead since there was absolutely no movement and it was lying on it's back, feet up.
I went back inside and planned on finishing up a few things inside, I'd dispose of the bird's body. I felt really badly about the other bird coming down, knowing something was wrong. Well, when I went out again in about 15 minutes the 'dead' bird was gone. I've rescued various birds over the years that had stunned themselves by hitting glass, but I really thought this one was a goner. I was so happy I was wrong!!

This second photo of the Bandon lighthouse as the fog creeps in.......actually 'pouring in' is more accurate.........I liked it in black and white. Sort of in keeping with the atmosphere of fog and mist.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend.......Have fun!

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