Friday, July 30, 2010


For all of you waiting anxiously for the weekend and have fabulous plans to fulfill and fun to be had.....wait no longer!! Here it is, just as promised! I had been thinking about what photo to post here tonight and then received an email from the Sierra Club asking me if they might use another of my photos for their The Daily Ray. From my point of view that was pretty much a 'no-brainer'. This is the photo they chose.......I took it last night just before we went to dinner. The fog ('mist' always sounds sooo much better, doesn't it?) was playing tag with the shoreline and I thought the light here was interesting. Can you see the teeney little people in about the middle of the photo? There are three of them.....2 adults and a child. It shows the scale of the rocks and water. Funny how none of us usually feel so least I don't. Course, I don't feel short either and most people might think I am. We all have our 'illusions of grandeur", hmmmm?

Everyday I'm getting more and more caught up from last weekend's party. A lot of leftovers which are finding their way into either the freezer or garbage. The cookies are the hardest for me......I do love my sweets. Well, today I finally got rid of all the various sweets and cookies around the house. Then started my routine of daily walking again to try and exercise them off. So, now you know exactly HOW I got rid of those cookies!

Norm called me into the back today and said to bring my camera........this lily below is the result. It's beautiful, huh?? While I was down there I noticed all the hollyhocks are blooming beautifully, too. I'll show them off in the next few days. everyone go out and make good use of this weekend!! Be safe and have fun.

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