Friday, July 16, 2010


Here is the same scene as one of yesterdays postings. If you look at in it's larger format you can see all the birds on the top of the rocks......especially the two on the left.

And an exterminator and picker-upper of dead critters is coming out this afternoon to rid of us our unwelcome guest who had the poor manners to die under the house. Since it's last minute and sort of a rush job they won't have the chemicals to de-odorize the area but will at least pick
up the
stinky and take it away. I might have been wrong about it being a mouse......Norm seems to think it's something larger.....The de-odorizing might not happen until tomorrow or early next week, but maybe the removal will solve the problem. Fingers crossed (over my nose)

I'm going out to hear a photography lecture this afternoon so I'm writing this post early......I need to get underway........So. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

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