Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I thought maybe I would leave the party for awhile.......I know I have more photos to show you later......but for now, let's take a break. And today was a break. I stayed around the house and tended to a sore back that the fog in the morning didn't help along much. I think I even heard some thunder off in the distance but I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my neighbor whose poor dog Maxx is always alert to the sound of 'the dreaded thunder'.....You'll find him in the closet, poor guy. I read that we even had a little earthquake this morning. A 5.5-er and off the coast around Winchester Bay. I didn't feel anything myself.

So these photos were from about a month or so ago when I went to Battle Rock with friend, Karen. I might have mentioned in a previous posting how surprised I was at the number of rocks that are now exposed.......course these were taken at a minus-tide. Can you spot the starfish on the lower exposed rocks? This one, below, I processed in black and white for a little change. I love color, but there are times when the black and white give the image a certain strengh that's missed with the distraction of color.

I was supposed to go over to a friend's and give her some Therapeutic Touch for her back and other bumps and bruises she suffered in a bad fall.......unfortunately I was taking care of my own. And I missed seeing Carrie Grant's new photo studio. She is very busy setting up her tent for the county fair. I think she's set up to take photos at the fair. She posted on Facebook that she also had over 2,000 lollypops to wrap up along with her card. So if any of you find yourself at the fair, be sure to stop by and give her a "Howdy". Her new business just seems to be growing up leaps and bounds and we're all hoping this will be another Port Orford success story.

Have a great day!

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