Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here are a couple more photos from the new gallery on route to Bandon. This first is more of the stained glass......again I remind you that these are priced very reasonably. Think early Christmas shopping........

The second photo is of some of the lovely flowering baskets she has here and there. They all seem to reflect the colorful and eclectic art objects inside........

Night before last Norm and I watched the Netflick movie, Wolfman. Awful! The acting, especially by Anthony Hopkins was pathetic which surprised me very much. He sounded like he was just reading a script and was bored to death. Benetio del Torro wasn't much better.
Tonight we'll be watching Shutter Island and Netflick audiences rate that at about 4 stars so I'm hoping for a better movie time.

My sister and nephew will be rolling into Port Orford tomorrow evening. I can hardly believe that it's been over a year since I've seen them both! We talk on the phone usually once a week so maybe that's why it doesn't seem so long. More family coming in Friday. It's going to be wonderful to see them all!! A great weekend coming up! Hope yours is too!!

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