Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here it is!! The ever popular Wreck of the Mary Hume in Gold Beach. I was down there this morning taking a friend to a birthday breakfast at a very neat little place called "Rollin In Dough". Wonderful food!! I had apple-cinnamon french toast~so good!!

After we ate I went to the dock area and started doing my thing. I can't make up my mind which of these photos I like most. I like the first one because I have a real appreciation for grasses lately and this image is a little different, I think, than the millions of paintings and photos that I've seen so far......not that I've seen them all, but a lot. The second one is the more traditional image that shows off the detail. So, what do you think?? Comments are appreciated.

And guess all of us coast dwellers are having to adjust to the cool fog of the day. Yesterday it was 83 degrees and down into the 40's overnight.......then the fog today that never did really burn off. I guess that's much better than what a lot of people throughout the states are having to cope with.......terrible heat waves. This fog here should help out the inland areas of Oregon to cool down anyway. In fact, my friends heading over to the valley this weekend should have the perfect weather.......
Everyone have a fantastic Thursday!!

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