Sunday, August 1, 2010


Boy!! The garden is just full of so many different blooms right a multitude of colors. Some of them are pretty spectacular like this first one here. I love the hollyhocks every year. They volunteer where ever they find friendly ground and the colors seem to change every year as they cross-pollinate. I love the deep red past years there have been some so deep a red that they were almost black. Stunning! And the little fuzzy daisy in the background is probably not good photographic composition but I found the contrast between the two appealing.

My new and forced email system is in effect today. I hate it..........I was very happy with my Outlook Express and now have some jumbled and cramped page where ads take up valuable reading space. Another page gives me news that I don't want, on my mail page.......They said that there would be a seamless transition in bringing over all my contacts and folders. Unless it's still in the works, they appear to be GONE.........AGAIN. A few weeks ago there was some disruption in service while with Verizon while switching over to Frontier. All my mail folders disappeared. OK......I'll be a good customer and understand that these things can happen. But now again plus all these other irritants having me feeling like anything BUT a good customer. I'll give it another day or so, but then I might have to try and figure out how to get back my Outlook Express........

OK.....back to the garden........This is one of the photos from yesterday of the maroon and white lily. Experimentation with black and white seemed like it might work especially with that black background. It looks better when enlarged if you have the time to take a quick look. I think I might fool around a little more with black and whites. The effect can really be dramatic, I think.'s Monday and are you going to have a great week?? I'm all for expecting the best each day and then see what happens. Sometimes that little reminder to myself will help me to choose how I see things and some of the choices I make. And if not, like a friend of mine said recently, 'denial can work sometimes'!! Now if I can just apply that to the new email system.

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