Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy 4th of July everyone!! Hope your day was fun-filled and the fireworks exciting with lots of ohhh's and ahhhh's!
The parade always offers way more photos than I can share here. But for maybe a few more days I'll be posting a couple each day. The parade always starts off with the city police cars, then the sheriff, then the Coast Guard, and then our Veterans, and on. It's always fun to see people you know and yells and waves are exchanged with lots of hand-waving and applauding. It's hard not to get into the excited spirit of things. And no 4th of July parade would be complete without the Coast Guard helicopter flying low and waving from an open door. I always really enjoy that part a lot.

One of the funny sights today was this bloodhound. He bayed from before we actually saw him until out of sight and heading down towards Battle Rock. In typical hound fashion, he would throw back his head and as you can see in this first photo, spittle would fly. I would imagine he was pretty thirsty by the time he reached the end of town! I think he was having a great time (as was my friend sitting next to me, who felt the need to answer him in a bay of her own....she who will not be named).

This year we had some great clowns pranced or cycling down the street. This one below was one of the most colorful and animated. Actually he looks like someone I know......but that's another who will not be named.

The end of parade brought me what has become a rare treat........My double ice cream waffle cone from Siren's! Oooooh. It was SO good! A bit of a mess though since when walking back to the car, the wind was blowing it all over me.........It was still worth it!!

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone!

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