Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This foxglove is about 5' tall. It's a wild one that is growing under, up and through the deck. I like the way the late afternoon sun is outlining the little bells. It's even fuller today and reaching for the sun.
This second shot is some of our petunias. I love the purple and white because of the luscious fragrance that they have......especially in late afternoon.
Speaking of fragrances......we've been trying to track down that terrible dead mouse smell. We tore the room apart and looked at every possible and impossible place a mouse might have curled up and died. We both now think that it might be coming from a vent screen that is on the outside of the house that might lead to the forced air heating vent in the particular smelly room. Does anyone else have this problem from time to time? If so, what did you do about it?
Today is one of those days that there just doesn't seem to be much to write about. So....I'll wish you all a happy Wednesday, knowing that you've once again made it to mid-week and closer to a fun-filled weekend.

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