Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today was a funny day, weather wise. It started out beautiful, then as we got closer to Coos Bay, the fog started coming in. There were pockets of it here and there and it would drift in and away. The first photo here is of the bird rocks (I think that's what they're called) surrounded by the 'mists'. I enjoy the mysterious quality that fog gives to rocks and the softens them. Rounds them off a little so the sharp and rugged edges aren't as apparent. Tomorrow I'll put another photo of these same rocks but they have been edited more and are clearer to see and have more color. You can see hundreds of birds on the tops.....can't really make them out well except for the obvious gulls, but you know they're there.

This second photo was taken as we drove over the Bandon bridge. There's the fog offshore waiting to come in. I love the grasses of the salt marsh, though. And since we were driving, the grasses aren't real sharp but the wind was blowing them anyway and it gives, at least to my eye, an impressionist sort of soft look. Which I like.

Wow! Have you south coast Oregonians noticed the traffic lately and how heavy it is?? It's been quite a number of years that I think I've seen this much. Good for our local economy though, if not a little frustrating to my own private driver. We generally turn off and take the back way into Coos Bay via Seven Devils Road. But then you run into the bikers (not literally, please!). But this is what the summers bring us and we'd better be happy about it.

Here comes Friday!! Get ready for the get to do whatever you want to do......"Yeah, right!!" I know that's what some of you are saying. At least it's usually a break in routine, huh?

Have a great day........maybe treat yourself to an ice cream?? Oh, wait.....that's for me.........

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