Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you haven't yet been into Tim Belmont's hair salon, plus, you're cheating yourself of a rare treat. Tim's salon's name is Jeffrey's and is located in a grand old building in Langlois right on Hwy 101. Inside it's as much a boutique as a hair salon......lovely jewelry, purses, scarves, cute little feminine this n' thats. In the same building is Michelle's tanning salon and Tim's daughter, Maria's, massage. It has a wonderful and warm feel to it ............... charming, just like Tim. Pictures of Lucille Ball you'll see here and there, along with flowers, hats, etc. etc. etc. So, even if you aren't needing a new hair style, it's really worth a look to just poke your head in and look around.

Too bad I wasn't paying close attention when I took this shot of Tim........the reflection on his glasses is distracting, but...........maybe you can look beyond it..................try!

Hey!! Tomorrow is Friday and I know everyone has great plans for a wonderful summer weekend of fun. So, smile as beautifully as Tim is here and pass on the happy feeling!

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