Friday, July 9, 2010


for a little while, anyway. My friend, Elaine, wants to come down here to paint and I can wander around taking one photo after another for a VEERRY long time. So maybe I'll revisit Gold Beach sometime within the next few months.
This first scene is another of the Mary Hume with the bridge in the background.
The one below is a question mark. I don't know the name of this looked like a hoist or small barge with a little cabin and there were two small on either side of the cabin like thing.
So, we start the weekend with beautifully sunny and warm days. The breeze has picked up now but it was perfect for most of the day. The windows are all open and the air smells wonderful. I hope it least for another day or two. I saw a thick bank of fog on the horizon and let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays there for a bit longer.
Hope everyone has a fantastic safe and sing.

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