Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One of my favorite parts of any parade thats worth it's salt will always have animals.
Our little parade had plenty, although this year I didn't see the ducks and roosters like last year. But this llama is a beauty, isn't he/she? Looks like it's posing for the camera. I wish I had eyelashes that long! No need for mascara. Although I just now noticed that it's nostrils are a little crooked.
Maybe I won't want to borrow any facial features from this animal after all.

Now these horses.......Incredibly magnificant animals........I love horses and these just always look so proud....maybe more so the horse in front. The second horse looks like the casual, laid back one of the couple.

I'm going down to Gold Beach tomorrow and if the weather is as beautiful as it was today I hope to get some good photos. I generally head toward the dock but I never know where the day will take me in addition. Lots of art and photography to view and become inspired by. I thought I might take a shot of that ever-so-captured scene.....the wreckage of the Mary Hume. That poor ole boat has to have been painted and photographed more than any scene on the coast! Well, here comes one more!

Wednesday is half way to the weekend........smile a lot!!

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