Monday, July 5, 2010


These fancy ladies in the parade were bringing attention to Carrie Grant's new photo studio here in Port Orford. I'll be bring more photos of her work in another week or so, but for now I wanted everyone to see the beautiful quality of her Victorian looking costumes. Carrie does Vintage look portraits as well as weddings, graduations and personal portraits, I'm sure. And, personally, I think Carrie is one of the sweetest ladies around Port Orford......A gem!

On to the serious job of candy gathering.........and this little gal was giving it "her all". You can see that the wind was starting to pick up, which suited me just fine from a photographic view. Course, I don't know how hard it made getting all that candy into the blowing bag in record speed. But I don't think any of the kids went home empty-handed.

Beautiful day, huh? Yes, a little breezy but nice. My garden is sure full of flowers right now. I did manage to get out there and get some work done. Tomorrow I'll be back out there.

Did everyone enjoy their towns firework show last night? Our's was pretty good for as long as I stayed out on the deck. I was taking photos of a number of the fireworks. It's always fun down with the crowd but we just stay home rather than fight the crowds for parking, etc.

OK....tomorrow starts another new work week, but a short one, for all you that have to get out there amongst them...........Hope it starts off with a great day for you ........ full of grins and smiles.

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