Thursday, July 29, 2010


We just came back from a great dinner at Bandon Bill's at the Inn at Face Rock on the Bandon Beach Loop. Norm had a steak.......way more than he could finish but delicious none the less. I had prawns with risotto...........Oh, Yum!! Apparently they've changed their chef(s) and menu and I'd been hearing how wonderful it was now from a number of people. I hadn't been there for dinner since Christophe had it back many years ago. This was very good and they had a great menu. Since they had a full house, I'd suggest reservations.
This first photo was taken at one of the way stations along Beach Loop. The light was hitting just that one streak towards the horizon which made it interesting along with the more colorful foreground. Then this second photo I think I'd call 'Face In The Mist'. The fog was really rolling in and of course, the large rock in the background in Face Rock, for those that don't live around here. Oops.......I see I got the two photos out of order to what I wrote. Well, since I'm on the run, I think you can figure it out, huh?
We now have a movie Norm wants to watch so I'm on my way to the TV. Netflick review tomorrow!
Have a terrific Friday, all. And an even better weekend!!

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