Thursday, July 8, 2010


Or out of, depending on your direction. A neat little occurance happened that day. For those who have been married for many a moon and are very close, as we are. this will sound familar, I think. The morning I was going down for my friend's birthday breakfast, I had a little bite of something at home with Norm....otherwise I'd be dropping over from low blood sugar. Norm said "what are you going to have for breakfast in Gold Beach." I said I didn't know what they had, but it's usually very well done as well as least from my usual daily fare. Norm said "I know what you're going to have......don't tell me and guess what it might be.....I'll (he said) write in down on this napkin and we'll see if I'm right when you come home." I guessed waffle, a favorite of mine....and he said.."No don't guess anymore. Just wait and see." Norm has never been to Rollin In Dough and hasn't a clue what they might serve or how it would be so beautifully prepared. When I looked at the menu at the restaurant and heard all the mouth-watering specials, I think I changed my mind in ordering at least a couple of times. I finally decided (away from waffles) on cinnamon-apple french toast. Well, when I got home and announced that I was back, I immediately went for the napkin that the "All seeing and knowing Norm the great" had written on. Up in the corner and neatly printed was "Fr. toast". I was really amazed, although I don't know why since this thinking and feeling things at the same time happens ALL the time......but I haven't ordered french toast in decades........I usually always prefer pancakes or waffles.......never french toast!! A little different from just thinking of the same thing at the same time.......or filling in each other's lost word in a sentence.
So, me being me, folded the napkin up very carefully in put it in my special keepsake drawer.
Oh......and what sent me off on this line of thought I guess, was the photo here of the bridge into Gold Beach coming from the south and looking up the beautiful Rogue River. It gains in beauty the further up river you travel. Loads of wildlife and for those that enjoy fishing, the river can become very crowded with sports fishermen when the fish are running. The tourist 'mail boats' make a couple of runs up each day during the summer.......they are really a lot of fun!!
Tomorrow is Friday!! And I hope everyone's is fantastic!! Enjoy your weekend.

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