Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Guard me from what, you ask?? Well, maybe a strait jacket, for one! I had started to write out all that she did from weeks before to beyond the party, but I think I might have embarressed her and that I don't want to do. Just let me say that she was incredible in the support and help that she gave so willingly. Completely beyond what I think I've ever had given to me before. I'm still astounded by it. I honestly don't have enough words to express my gratitude and praise for this very special lady and someone who I'm so blessed to have as a friend. Thank you so very much, Nancy! Well, here in this photo is Nancy and Pat Stannard. I love this photo of them. You can tell they hold each other in warm friendship, can't you? Pat is another sweetheart that I've been lucky to have in my life now also. She's a fantastic photographer and we've had a couple of very fun adventures traveling some backroads without a GPS. Did you know that Pat actually enjoys getting lost and discovering new territory? And that was one of our little outings. And it was fun, which surprised me who wants to plan for every possible event that might happen......but rarely does!

And this is my favorite shot of Nancy. Always smiling, always has a ready laugh and ability to put everything into the proper perspective of importance. Another day of writing this blog and recognizing .......Lucky me.

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