Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We spent the day with a lot of time-eating errands in Bandon. This afternoon was a weekly (almost) group I meet with so no time to take new photos.... I've raided my photo files for a couple I took down at Battle Rock. This first one of the starfish is just like it came out of the editing. It looks like it's been decorated with tiny little beads, huh?

On the way back from Bandon I stopped off at the new Whistler Art Gallery. It's owner, a lovely young woman by the name of Vickie, was out in front planting some flowers. Usually the shop doesn't open until noon on Wednesdays, but she came over and happily let us in and look around. The gallery itself is a well lite and welcoming place. All manner of art is tastfully placed around and on walls. There are paintings....mostly watercolors, jewelry, some photos, glasswork, carved wood and much more. Her grand opening will be Friday evening with an open house between the hours of 'I forget" and 8pm. I'm occupied on Friday night and was thinking if the open house might not be included but I don't think the time is going to work. Then on Saturday, Vickie will be hosting the first of many once a month artists fair. There is a large mowed field between the front of the gallery and Hwy 101. This is where the art vendors can set up their tables or tents or whatever they're going to use. This art fair will continue until the weather doesn't permit......probably into October, I'd guess. Vickie has all the exuberance of one who is seeing her dream finally being fulfilled and has the type of joy all over her face of a Mama flushing with pride over her newborn. I hope her gallery is a success........stop in and take a look when you drive by.

OK.....the next photo is another of the beach down at Battle Rock. You can see the starfish clinging to the rocks if you look closely.

Now everyone go have a great day!! Thank happy thoughts!

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