Monday, July 12, 2010


I haven't had time lately to get 'out and about' to take photos so I'll post some recent ones from around the house. This first one is part of an incredible group of these lilies that multiply every year. I guess this fall I really need to dig and divide them up. It's only for about a couple of months that they look good, but it's spectacular when they're in bloom. Plus a lovely fragrance. I like the angle here against the blue sky. And as you'll see in the next shot, Willie the cat was delighted that I was down on her level crawling around trying to work at composition. The one here where Willie is smelling the flowers was not the way I had planned to compose this shot. But nosey Willie just had to sniff around to see what I found so interesting.....And it turned out to be her!
Today was a neat day. We had Norm's cousin and his wife who we hadn't seen in years come by for a visit. It was really nice to see them again. Great people and the visit was far too short. We took them (well....that's not quite right.....there was the scramble over the bill and we lost) Let me restate that.......We TRIED to take them to lunch at Griff's. The food was good and the view was great. The wind was a little over-kill on Mother Nature's part, but at least the sun was shinning!
I thought I had smelled something earlier today and now it's even stronger......I think a mouse up and died somewhere under the house or near the heating vent or something. Now I know where the expression "I smell a rat!" came from. Norm said his knees won't take climbing under the house and that maybe mine would. That called for one big "HA!" That was not in our marriage certificate and it's doubtful that if it had been that I'd be married now. No way am I crawling into some dark, creepy, crawly place looking for a mouse.....dead or alive. I can't believe a foul thought like that even entered his mind!! He's do better thinking about 'French toast' (those of you who read my blog last week will understand that one.)
Have a good Tuesday and appreciate the smell of good clean air!

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