Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's been a busy week and weekend. I have a lot of editing to do but that can wait for another day or so. I don't know if it's going to show up or not, but as I type this, the print is blue and underlined..........don't know how that happened.
Anyway.....yesterday was spent celebrating my husband, Norm's 80th birthday with a party with many of his friends and family here to help him acknowledge how beautifully and lovingly he has touched so many lives. We had a local singer and guitar player who is also a terrific guy, Steve Montana (not to be confused with the 49er quarterback). The weather was absolutely perfect! It has been windy with a little chill to the air, but Saturday couldn't have been nicer! After the eating of more food than anyone could possibly put away (well, except maybe for Nick!), and after the

cake received it's due, those left sat around and watched a surprise for Norm from his sister-in-law, Pam, and niece, Lauren and their respective families. It was a wonderful tribute and had a good many laughs included, some really good music as well as bringing a little dampness to more than one eye. I'll undoubtedly be telling more about the gathering as the days go along, and my energy picks back up.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of some beautiful flowers. This first is of an orchid that was given me by a friend............Isn't it wonderful?? I'm hoping that I found a spot for it where it's happy. It looks good, huh? Fingers crossed!

This second one is a little bouquet I put together using some Queen Anne's Lace from the backyard. I don't think it really shows here how very large this blossom was. It was between 4"-5" wide!! Probably due to all the winter rain we had.........and had..........and had!! The beautiful Polio Rose that was blooming so profusly a few weeks ago, has slowed up now, but I did manage to get one more little cluster of them. They are the white flowers here.
And lastly, these are some colorful, cheerful nasturtiums that my friend, Nancy brought over to use as eatable color and decorative touchs to the various food dishes at the party. More about the incredible support and help I received that was well beyond what I'd ever have expected, at a later date...
So........I'm now wishing you all a great week....full of new adventures and friendly people who make you feel good!! Norm and I certainly have an abundance of that in our lives!

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