Sunday, May 2, 2010


Norm and I drove up to Bandon yesterday, got some fish and chips, slaw and coffee and drove out the the south jetty. While parked there eating and taking in the view, a woman came and sat on a log not too far from us. She had a bag. Guess what was in it? All the seagulls for miles around knew........FOOD. We had to roll up the window for the "just-in-case-possibility-of-you-know-what!"! The sky was just filled with every kind and color of gull you can imagine........I thought about getting my camera out, putting my food aside and getting out to take a snap........but decided against the idea as the "just-in-case-possibility-of-you-know-what" happening. I think she's a regular at this and was just so surprised that she wore a BLACK sweater! Eventually she ran out of bread or whatever she was throwing out to them and they all disappeared. Just vanished.
A while later I did get out and scout around for some appealing photo-ops........Somewhere I remember seeing a photo of something similar to this above scene. I really liked it and thought I'd try my hand at copying. I think the original photo I admired so must have had the lighthouse enlarged through layering because I seem to remember that the lighthouse didn't look quite so small and distant. But as it is, I like grasses and rocks so I'm fairly content with the results. I wish the water had not been quite so muddy but isn't the sky beautiful as the storm that had come through, was breaking up.
This afternoon I hung some of my photos down at Siren's Coffee and Chocolate. I think Dianne will be opening this week but the date is still up in the air. It sure is coming together nicely, though. Watch for the re-opening date.........then pop on by. You'll be happy you did.

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