Friday, May 28, 2010


I was down buying some fish at Griff's this afternoon and noticed the gulls were making a big fuss about something. I saw a large sea lion leaping out of the water a couple of times. At first I thought he was trying to grab a seagull.....and he well might have been. But then decided that the sea lions were 'fishing' and the gulls were hoping they'd drop something out of their mouth. If you're able to enlarge this above photo, you can see that he has something in his mouth. At one time there were 2 sea lions practically bouncing heads together. I missed it. I kept watching hoping for more action, and then noticed this smaller of the two was directly below me. This was the clearest of the shots I got. It looks like she's sleeping since I caught her during a blink, I guess. Funny how the water in these two photos is different in color. I don't know why, except maybe for the distance of each snap. So, eventually, the sea lions got their fill of whatever they were after and they headed away from the dock area. I just never know what I might see down there. There's always something. There's a yacht anchored over in Tichenor's Cove. Pat from Griff's said it's been there a couple of days and thought maybe they were deep-sea diving. When we lived in our previous house overlooking the ocean, we'd see yachts come during the summer and fall.....they'd stay for maybe just one day.....frequently more....then move on. There'd be the various rumors that would float around as to who it was that owned the yacht and maybe where they might be going. Some of the stories were definitely right out of the (new) Wild West! Talk about tall tales...... Hope you all have a great weekend!

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