Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last week we visited Norm's sister, Lucy, in Eugene.....She has a small but beautiful garden that she tended to, manicured, pruned and fussed over until she was unable to keep up with it any longer. Her daughter Ann, has now been going out there when she has the time to re-vitalize it once again. Many of the plants have a beautiful maturity about them......established and with great grace. This old iris continues to bloom year after year. I think the color even looks like an older "tried and true". The rhododendron shown in the second photo, is enormous! I've seen taller, but Lucy has kept this shrub pruned to be manageable, and when it blooms in the spring it is just covered and loaded with these delicious confections. Since we live in "Rhoddy Country" have you noticed how every spring, even the most miserable hovel looks quaint and cottage-like because it has one or more of these wonderful old rhoddy bushes just bursting with glory? Every spring I think that.......regular as clock-work.........
I recently saw, up at 7-B's in Coos Bay, a beautiful light yellow roddy. I thought it was so beautiful! And I've told myself that I will not buy anymore plants (that I can't keep up with), but every so often there one like that wonderful yellow that tempts me. I hope that someone buys it soon, and that way temptation will be taken out of my path.
Hope you all have a great Sunday!!

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