Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I don't pretend to know what I'm doing when it comes to photographing birds. But when we passed through the Dean Elk Reserve last week, the red-wing blackbirds really caught my eye. Maybe it's because it's spring and their wing color is so vivid....but wow! The colors were bright and beautiful. And this one seemed pretty content to just sit above me, or on the grounding looking for more food and I could snap away to my hearts content. Can't say the same for the patience of my chauffeur, Mr. Norm........
I think I could have just sat there for an hour or two, camera ready and just been thrilled with catching some of the wildlife activity all around me. I had gone there to get a couple of shots of some elk for one of my Flickr friends from Tennessee who wondered if we had elk in my neck of the woods. Norm remembered that I'd told this guy I'd get him some photos. The elk were either hiding or just taking an afternoon nap towards the back of the reserve.....almost to the tree line. So....not much success there. Maybe some of my photographer friends will want to join me in a trip over one day. IF it ever stops raining!! I can't believe this weather pattern. The wind was howling today and there was hail pounding a few hours ago. OK....I remember what I wrote yesterday about how I decide how I want to look at things. So, I'll convince myself how much more I enjoy cleaning the house, mopping the floors and catching up on have to believe me when I tell you that's so much more rewarding that going on to take more photos. Have I convinced you yet?

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