Friday, May 21, 2010


I found this shot in my older files that I taken a while ago. It looked like it was worth a second look, being a little more refined. There is a group on Flickr, the Getty Images Call to Artists, that I recently joined. They call for 10 (no more & no less) photos to be submitted at the same time, along with having high resolution and other rather strict guildlines. So, I've been looking at my files and trying to get 10 (no more & no less) that would represent my particular style.....which I don't recognize myself at this point. Maybe when I can really look at 10, no more & no less!! I can figure it, too...... 8-)
I've heard that Sunday is supposed to be a beautiful day with sunshine and all that other good stuff that we've been promised because the calendar says it's spring. I'm going on a hike out to Blackloch. I do hope for good weather since I'll be bringing along my camera (BUT, of course!) and hope to get some good ones! And you'll see them next week.
Tomorrow we're off to Coos Bay, yet again!! Norm ordered some tools that have been delivered....and a new battery operated weed whacker for me. He's always looking for something that is more managable for me to use.....other than himself, I guess.....and he must not realized that what a REALLY need is for about 10 years to be whacked off my age!! Again I ask myself, why did I plant such a large garden and grass area? And that was about 10 years ago and there lies the answer. Well, I'm hoping that all of you have a terrific weekend and stay safe!

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