Sunday, May 30, 2010


Memorial Day.....many may look on it as a long weekend and an excuse to have a small vacation......maybe a trip to the beach, time spent with friends, a bar-b-que.........And that's all's OK. But first I think we all need to remember what the day represents. Memorial Day.......I looked up the protocol on the position of hanging the American flag on Memorial day. The Flag Code states that the first half of the day the flag should be at half-staff in rememberance of those military men and women who have died in combat. At noon the flag should be raised to it's normal position in honoring those that are in the military now defending our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.......which would include that small vacation, a trip to the beach and maybe a bar-b-que. I shutter to think of what would happen to such simple pleasures if the Taliban were in power!! And as disgusted or proud of what our government in Washington is up to at this time, it IS our government and we can vote them out or vote them in. It's a right that all those brave military have fought to defend and preserve. So maybe before this Memorial Day is over we can quietly and silently send a little prayer of gratitude and thanks to those that have gone before and those with us now as they seek to preserve our beautiful way of life.
Have a safe and happy day.......

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