Friday, May 14, 2010


OK...for those of you who read what I wrote last night about Lucy.....she was in the Aquacades in the World's Fair back in, maybe 1941. It was a very
big deal. She
remained life-long friends with Esther Williams and enjoyed swimming throughout most of her life.
....on with todays posted photos. This first one is, obviously, of one of the many boats they have moored at the lovely Florence marina. Funny how when you take a close up like this at a slightly different angle instead of the entire boat.....what might have looked like an old boat in need of a paint job, etc., it looks "arty". Those little smudges of rust, peeling paint and the over-all weathered look become some point of eye-catching attractions to the overall look of the photograph.

This second snap is of the beautiful Suislaw River and the lovely bridge that crosses over it via Hwy. 101.
It was late in the afternoon when I took this and the sun was already casting a softer, golden look to the bridge and the dunes before it....which I'll show another day. And I love old pier pilings, snags and other river things.
I hadn't realized until I started a little editing tonight just how many shots I took. Over 440, I think, although not all of them were fact I tossed most. I usually snap 2 or 3 just to hope that if one doesn't make the grade there might be a backup. It was a pretty busy day for me so I haven't edited most of them yet. If any of you have been by Siren's Coffee Cafe and have seen my hung photos, I changed a few. I had no idea how stuck or enamored I saw with taking sunsets early in my photography. So, I replaced a few with some more recent snaps I don't think any of you have seen, unless you follow this blog. And they generally look different when in a mat and frame, I think. One more good piece of news from this corner. There is a professional photographer whose work I greatly admire, although nothing anywhere near what I do. Some of you photographers might recognize his name and I probably sent on one or two of his newsletters......His name is Cole Thompson. A very nice approachable man. I believe his father was military careerman and Cole spent sometime living on Beale AFB in California. Anyway, he has a monthly contest and the prize is a package of 10 of his photos in greeting card form. (Norm said "Just what you need!!) And I won this month!! He kidded me about my strange meeting many years ago with Chuck Yeager and I was so surprised that Cole remembered
that story.......So! Pretty soon I'll have another series of photos besides my own to frame and hang in my own house.
And with that, good night!

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