Friday, April 30, 2010


I didn't get too far away from the blooms, did I? We went to town today and there was a Commissary store set up at the National Guard Armory up in Coos Bay. I had thought it was going to be warm today so I wasn't dressed for the cold. The building they held the sale in was a big drafty garage-like building. And the line was all the way around the perimenter of the building. We stood in line about an hour. I think they were taking a survey and hope to hold one of these commissary 'stores' every other one would be in June and hopefully warmer weather!
OK......the first floral above was the backside of a pansy that was backlit by the lowering sun in late afternoon. I enjoy trying to get the transparency of the petals or leaves so this is my first attempt at that this year. A lititle blurry but still beautiful colors, I think.
This one is a white Siberian or Japanese iris.....I never remember which is which, but it sure is pretty. I should have a couple of gorgeous blue ones coming up soon also.
Got the back weeds all whacked down this afternoon. Somehow I don't see as many of the weeds in the garden beds if the surrounding area is fairly neat looking. It even inspires me to get out there and pull some if the weather is cooperating. It's been pretty iffy lately but let's hope for some sun this weekend. And I wish you all a fun filled weekend......and a safe one for those traveling back home.

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