Saturday, May 15, 2010


This photo was taken in Scottsburg along the Umpqua River. We'd stopped off for lunch at Dixie's Cafe..........Norm has wanted to stop there in the past but the timing for a meal was never right....the food was very plentiful!! The man who took our order...don't know if he was the owner or not, but was the kind of man you'd just like to have a good conversation with....Norm said he was the kind of man he'd enjoy being friends if life had ever presented that opportunity....."chew the fat with" to pull up an old expression. (Wonder where THAT one ever came from!??)

As we drove along the Umpqua River there were so many lovely little (& big!) places that had recently been manicured to almost perfection in their gardens, that I felt I needed to make a step in that direction this afternoon. Weed whacker in hand I tacked the front of the house....did a little pruning and cut some sweet smelling sweet williams for the table. One beautiful bearded iris got stepped on and broke it's leaves fairly close to the I got some blue masking tape and am trying to tape it together so the moisture will get up to the leaves and maybe I'll get a bloom from it this year. I've done that in the past but the stems was thinner and not so sharply cut. We'll see what happens.

I took some photos this morning at the Kid's Art Program. Today's artist study was Grandma Moses. It sounded like a very well taught and inspirational class for the kids.

This second snap was again along the Suislaw River in Florence. I love the bright blue color along with the burnished red posts.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

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