Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What a full day. Up to CB so Norm could buy some tools that he needed.....gotta' catch those sales while they're hot, right? We had lunch at one of our favorites, Dos Amigos at Pony Village. They know us well there and Carlos, the manager, doesn't even ask and just brings us our coffee with cream for Norm, black for me. Over the last few years I've decided I like cream, too. But we never tell Carlos since he brings us what we've always had before we can tell him differently. So, Norm slyly slides one of his creams over to me. I dump it in quickly and slide the empty container back over to Norm. Carlos is so proud of his remberance of what we like, that we don't want to let on that it's not correct anymore....don't want to embarress him.... Just a little game we play, I guess. We all mean well, anyway.
At the afterschool program down at Doug Jamison's church, they were supposed to be having a sheep shearing that the kids could watch. Unfortunately, the sheep arrived late I guess and I couldn't wait around. But the time I was there waiting, the kids were running off the world's supply of energy and calories. They were bouncing balls, hula-hooping, hiding in closets, running and chasing, eating their snacks, and when they saw the camera a good many of them were hamming it up. I got some of their very, very best smiles as they tried to break their faces showing as many teeth as possible. The hula-hoop was pretty serious business and the concentration so fierce that no smile was anywhere to be seen. Two boys about 10 or so wanted their pictures taken together as "best buds". But when the camera clicked a few times, the first shot, one boy was trying to choke the other, 2nd....goofy faces and kung-foo hand motions, and finally just plain hand-to-hand combat.......with big silly grins on their faces as they enjoyed their own company is a way that the fairer sex will never understand!!
In finishing up at the dock......these photos are #1 is the SEAFARER.......#2 THE SENTINEL and
lastly #3 is LOSING OF THE JETTY. And that's it for today. I will be away for a few days so you all be good and enjoy that spring weather, no matter what it is........

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