Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hmmm.......Rain, wind, cold and November in May.

So, let's return to Florence where the sun at least pretended to show itself, if only for a little while.
This first shot was of a beautiful large and full lavender bush. It smelled sooooo wonderful! They never quite capture the aroma when they try and bottle it. And when I'm enjoying the smell, it's like I can't breathe in enough. And the exhale becomes a disturbance. Have any of you thought that? Maybe not, huh?
Well, moving right along then......this next snap is of one of the quaint little shops they have here and there in Old Town. This one of a bookstore struck us as odd since it was closed for the winter. I'd think that would be when most people would be reading more, but maybe the business is more dependent on the tourist traffic than permanent residents. I thought it made a good companion photo with the lavender.

I went over to a friend's today to visit the kitties and I forgot to bring my camera! I NEVER forget my camera!! They were pretty happy little guys.....I'll have to do it again soon....
Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday!!

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