Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Requires a little clarification, huh?
When I woke up, even though I'd read in the forecast that it was coming, it was "Oh, Shoot! Rain again". Then Norm wanted to go up to Coos Bay....and I said "Oh, Shoot!" again.
But then as I was checking my email I received this daily email from The Sierra Club with one of my photos that they had selected to be The Daily Ray of Hope. Oh, Sunny Day!!!
And isn't it funny how that can happen about just almost anything. It can work either way, of course.......but it does show how we decide to look at the varous things that cause our moods to swing might just be more within our control than we realize.
So....this first photo was taken on the way home from Eugene, along the Umpqua River. I just love Scottsburg and there abouts. I'd love to have a little vacation cabin along the river.....dream on, Donna!
I loved the little early poppy that was blooming, overlooking the river. The soft focus of the river is in keeping with the mood, too.
And we always do have our gulls, don't we?
I've mentioned before that I do love the seagulls. They might be common place, but they can really set off a photo with their stark whiteness, and being fairly used to us humans, we can get close in while they're doing all kinds of great gull things. This one is another "King of the Hill".......he just chased off a flock of pigeons.......just cause he could, I think. There wasn't any food up there.......He's just looking around for another bird to bully. Well, he might also have his eyes ready to launch onto something more to eat. (Duh).

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