Sunday, May 9, 2010


Many times in a woman's life we play the role of mother whether we have children of our own or not. I think all women know that there are times when we need some emotional nurturing, caring, acceptance, forgiveness, or just something from the heart for no apparent reason. I know whenever I'm sick, flu or whatever, I very much miss my mother and the way she used to make me some toast and would cut it into four pieces and always cut from point to point. Only when I was sick did she do this. Years ago my sister-in-law heard this when I was laid up for some medical reason, and she got right up and to my surprise came back with a plate of toast with jam, cut from point to point. An act of mothering and extending love. It was an act to remember.
This weekend we had one of my step-daughter's with one grandson come for a visit. Her first son died about a year and a half ago and of course, her pain is still pretty acute. She came bearing gifts for ME, though. A bouquet of flowers......a couple of packages of dried mushrooms, and the sweetest gift.....some of my grandson's ashes. At his memorial, a year and a half ago, we all watched as Jorma's brother's and some close friends, scattered some of his ashes off of Battle Rock. This year I gave her one of my photos of rough seas off of Battle Rock. That photo will join the photos she has on her wall at home of Jorma. I hope I continued the tradition of offering a piece of toast cut from point to point with a good dollop of jam.

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