Monday, May 17, 2010


But a few do......This first shot was taken of the Suislaw River just as this small craft boat came roaring towards the Marina. Years ago we had a commercial fishing boat that was tied to one of the outside docks....right on the river. They figure that a wake from a boat like this one, but probably larger, went whipping on up or down the river and the wake that spread out rocked against out boat...The Lucky Star. The rocking of the Star against the dock caused the chime (?) to catch under the dock and tilt sideways and allowing water to begin to fill her up. The bildge pump worked it's little heart out, but finally the water became too much and the Lucky Star wasn't so lucky and sunk. And we never even got a fish out of her!! Anyway.....little bit of personal history there for you to ponder.

This second snap was just for fun......The title that comes to mind is "Destination: Fantasy Island" De plane, Boss......De plane!!
And on to the weather.......looks like our sun is going to disappear again for a while.....darn! I got a few things done in the garden today but have so much more to do. Unseasonably cool and wet, the weather gurus call it. And just when Norm's beans were breaking ground. On Yahoo's weather report, it even showed rain/snow for Friday!! I think that's an exaggeration on their least I hope it is. One of my accomplishments today was to cut away all the dead twigs and branches that were left after the cold and freeze of winter just about killed my Euryops. One, I know isn't going to make a come-back and the other.......maybe. Trouble is that there are times when the plant is so weakened that even if it lives, it's just looks pathetic in it's attempted survivial. Crazy weather patterns lately.......Have a good day!

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