Friday, May 7, 2010


It was a beautiful day! I went down to Griff's for lunch with some friends and of course had my camera. The ocean had that sort of milky blue look to it and although the wave action lacked much drama the relatively smooth water and reflections were magnificant. A bright orange kayaker (had to look that word up again!!) stood out against the water and naturally deserved a couple of pics which I might post some other time.
The crabbing season is obviously over and there were various lines of pulled crab pots like the ones above all along the north side of the dock. I really like the way I was able to see "The Gate" through the lines of pots. I'm thinking of maybe having this one printed to be framed, I like it that well.

This second shot I took on the road down to the dock. I like it fairly well, too. I have another one that takes a wider view and shows more of the dock itself. I choose this one because I love the new spring green showing up on the hill in the background.
Lunch was great! Got to see three good friends who had all been off and away visiting other states. It was good to see them again and hear all about their happenings. I like everyone back home where they're supposed to be, though..... Life just seems more settled that way.

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