Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The familiar face isn't Norm this time.........it's computer-savior, Rick Francona! An enormous 'thank you!" I couldn't get on line from yesterday afternoon until this morning and was agonizing in the throes of computer-withdrawal........I tell you, it was BAD!! Rick is always in giving-mode and now very busy being Rotary president for this year. I'm sure he had better things to do than to come rescue my computer. Just so you know, Rick, you are very much appreciated! Thank you.........
OK......so now that I can breath freely again I can enjoy my photo of one of my hollyhocks. Love the sun shining through those petals.
This time of year the garden is producing more vegetables that I can keep up with. I canned about 16 pints of pickled beets this morning. Ever notice that most people either love or hate beets......pickled or not. It might be a texture thing since the taste isn't really that strong.
And the lettuce is hard to keep up with.........I'm feeling like a rabbit these days. If anyone in the area would like to pick some lettuce (Romaine) just give a call. The zucchini is behaving just like zucchini does....over-producer that it is. And the string beans are finally starting to produce a little. The basil needs picking so that means more pesto. Lots of greens, huh? And the fresh is always so much better than the store bought.......no offense, Rays, or Safeway, or etc.
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday........You can just picture me dancing around my now-WORKING computer!! A good day!!

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