Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is SO beautiful up there!!! There's just something about rivers that pulls to me! I haven't ever really been up there before specifically looking around for a place to take photos.....but here's a couple that I was able to make due with. I definitely want to go back again and take a little more time...........that's sort of the story of my life!!

And I went after lunch and the sun was a little too harsh but I found some nicely shaded places although I needed to Photoshop them some. I saw a few people along the way that were swimming in some of the natural's really quite a bit warmer up there. And when I needed to take a shot from the middle of the water, it really wasn't cold at all. Definitely "Ahhhhh...." on the comfort scale.

There's a lot going on with my friends this weekend and lots of traveling........Safe trips to all of you who'll be behind the wheel. And hope that all of you, near and far, have a wonderful weekend, whether it's busy and exciting or laid-back and "Ahhhhh."

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