Tuesday, August 24, 2010


These are a couple more shots from yesterday up on the Heads. I thought the two on the same page made for a nice contrast of complimentary colors. I don't know what the first one is...........the second is the ever-beautiful but Ouch-inflicting purple thistle. I like that particular photo, too.

I had a very neat day..........visited Tim, the Hair Magician! He cut and accomplished wonders and I left smiling widely!! Course, I do when ever I spend time with him......Wonderful man!

And I finally met Maria, his delightful daughter. Maria has a massage service and I've heard nothing but rave-reviews from friends and others..........many looking very much like they just crawled out of bed, sleepy eyes, hair looking maybe not so neat and dreamy smiles on their faces and walking in a particular rubbery way..........The Sign of Maria!
Speaking of the salon, they of Jefferey's will be holding a market there on the green beside the salon. I don't know if they even know what might be offered yet, but there were a couple of table's hinted at that have me planning on going up either Saturday or Sunday. And in Tim's salon I found a very beautiful something for my sister Pam's birthday......she reads this so I can't tell the rest of you what it is........just that it comes from Tim's New York buying spree he went on a few month's back. He's going to buy back there about 4 times a year I think he said, so the merchandise will be fresh.

On another note and a complete opposite topic, we on our road had delivered today a great large dumpster to out-maneuver the local bear that has been giving us grief with his appitite for our leftovers and his very poor table manners........like ALL over the street lies the strewn garbage. Our neighbors who picked it up last time were able to tell me what prescriptions I took!! I'm sure that this dumpster will keep him out of our garbage cans.

And I want to take just a second here to personally thank Stephanie of New York for her encouraging and kind comments she sent about the postings of yesterday and other things. She's a wonderful photographer and professional artist and I especially valued her taking time out of her busy schedule to write me...........Thanks again, Stephanie.

OK, everyone go have a great Wednesday..........you know you've almost made it half-way through another week and it's time to start planning for fun over the weekend..........Think of going to up to Langlois (all of you who live nearby) to Tim's market sale!

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