Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'd never been to this beach before and was so happy to have a new place to explore and shoot. Karen suggested we go here and I followed her in through the Cape Blanco campground.......those are incredibe also. For anyone looking for a very neat place to park for awhile, this would be it.
It's surroundings keep the wilderness feel since each camping site is separated by tall hedges of whatever Mother Nature put up....rhoddies, salal, huckleberry and many other evergreens.....thick with greens! The beach itself has driftwood in one particular area rather than scattered all the feeling of a clean beach. Many previous visitors have made different driftwood sculptures and little 'forts', some being very creative! The day we went there was little wind and fog kept coming in, moving around, sliding out........made some really great sights. Other's were down on the beach also and it was interesting to see mist-shrouded figures emerging out of the heavy clouds......sort of eerie.
Since the day lacked much sun it gave me more of an opportunity to fool around with monochrome like the wave action here in the below photo. The tide was coming in and there was a stellar sea lion that was trying to keep up on the sand. When we first saw him, he was on a little strip of sand peninsula about 15-20 feet out from where we stood. As the tide came in, he kept scooting forward, out of the water. When we had first came upon him I had thought we could just walk across the shallow water that divided the shoreline from the sand strip and get closer to him. We didn't and I'm happy for that! The tide was coming in pretty rapidly and was fairly deep in a short while. Deep enough for that sea lion to be swimming in.

Here is one of my shots of him........I just discovered that it doesn't work to have an already enlarged photo printed with my name.......So you see that distracting printing on it. (Lets you know that you're looking at a photograph, huh??) I think this is one where he is working his way forward. Every once in awhile he would stretch waaayyyy up like he was reaching for the sun. Then plop down again on the sand. I wondered if he needed to take the pressure off his lungs. He repeated this over and over again. Eventually he ended up in that 'river' that I mentioned above, and we thought he might come up on the beach, but he kept a careful eye on us and seemed like he might head back out to sea. There was another couple sitting on the beach and watching quietly and we did the same. We didn't have that much time left though so had to cut our watch & wait short and we headed on back to go home......My last glance at him over my shoulder told me that he probably did climb up on the beach. It's was great though, to see this enormous sea lion up closer and putting on such a neat show! I've seen them in the water before, usually hanging around marinas where they clean the caught fish but never on land. Pretty neat to catch this act!

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