Friday, August 27, 2010


It was surprising to see how much more the maple leaves were turning up Elk River valley way. I was only up there last week and such a difference already!! These are a couple of shots I took. Karen mentioned how low the water was, but it was still bubbling along. I imagine it is exciting when it's really running in the spring.
The water in the second photo is so clear that if it wasn't for the foreground, you wouldn't know that there was a river there. I have another I took without any rocks, greenery or land being seen, and it looks just like a lot of rocks lying around. I'm still experimenting with my slow shutter speed to get that silky looking water. I got closer today but still need more work. A definite reason to return, huh? As if I needed one. The sky was slightly overcast, which I prefer to the bright sun. No glare and not too hot.
Next time I go up, it's heavier and sturdier shoes! A wee little bit of navigational challenges over the rocks today! I have no excuse for my 'gazelle-graceful' imitation when I very softly landed, rear first in poison oak while trying to shoot a tree... 8-( Then there were the 'attack dogs' that greeted us at our first photo stop. Lovely and happy little devils. Teeth were ever so bright and sharp looking. I just stopped moving when they ran out and was trying to remember which pocket held my pepper spray. (Wearing cargo pants with a lot of pockets) Then realized quickly that by the time I figured that out and had it ready with the nozzle pointed AWAY from my face........well, I'd have lost a limb by then. Better to freeze and send a quickie prayer. The owner, I assume it was the owner, came out and called them off........a COUPLE of times since the dogs were clearly enjoying their roles as predators. Nasty little beasties!!
After we did our shooting we headed for Redfish for another great lunch. We could see a whale blowing off the rocks. I kept looking out the window and a woman at the next table thought I kept looking at her for a while. She then realized we were looking out to the ocean and asked what we were looking at. I almost told her that I was studying her left earring, but thought better of it and told her that there were some whales out there blowing. She got pretty excited when Emily told her when one blew and she spotted it, too.........said that they had seen some up in Depot Bay earlier. I think her accent was English so I was glad I hadn't teased her about her earring. You never know. 8-))
And thanks again to Rick and know what for/s.
Well, that's it for this week! I hope your plans for the weekend are filled with lots of fun...........take photos!! You never know what new adventures will come your way!!

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  1. I love your stories Donna. I wish Rudyard Kipling and Herman Melville would have had your style of writing. I really haven't read much but I do remember the authors that made me work. You, Rick Francona, James Joyce, and Geoffrey Chaucer are on top of my list. Chaucer because he was really funny. Shakespeare can't be touched, he is a classic but I would need a tutor to understand what he's talking about.