Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hearing the news this morning from one of our neighbors that all of our garbage containers had been invaded by a bear........again! just reminded me of all the problems lately there have been this year with animals. There seem to be a lot more bears this year and who knows what happened to their usual food sources. I keep hearing that the rangers tell that the berries haven't ripened yet and they are small this year. Really?? The berries are never ripe until late summer to fall.......and we did get plenty of rain last winter so I don't know why the fruit would be small......maybe the lack of heat has something to do with it.......but things are definitely off with the bear population and behavior. Then another neighbor told of someone here in Cedar Terrace of having seen a cougar and cub in their back yard. No THAT sort of bothers me. A cub would say to me that she (they) wouldn't be traveling far if she's still tending to her young........and a cougar is much more a predator than bear. Although 'our' bear is playing a little rough these days. He wasn't contented enough to just steal the amonnia-clorox-old ashes-cat litter-drenched-to-deter- garbage bags, he apparently threw the metal holders out in the street too. Like one of my neighbors said, each time it gets into stuff, it comes that much closer into accepting human contact as normal. Then real problems show up. So, we're hoping that the Fish and Game starts doing something besides waiting for the berries to ripen.

The day wasn't all about bears and misdirected animals.......I had such a nice visit and cup of coffee with a friend this morning at Siren's. She's a very special lady and our time spent talking always seems to contain a "Wow!" factor for one or the other of us.......usually both.
And Norm is one giant step closer to getting his instant viewing of Netflix thanks to the generousity of Rick. Norm does love his movies!!
Well, these photos.....where you wondering when I was going to get around to them??.......they are again of Bandon.
The first one, like yesterdays, showed off that wonderful light I mentioned. And the second was of a sea cave, maybe........I love little hidie-holes and that's what this one reminded me of.
Beautiful sights of nature in our country, huh? We are blessed!
Have a fantastic Friday!

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