Monday, August 16, 2010


Back to Cape Blanco beach..........I spoted this little feather and it looked so lonely out there all by it's poor lonesome..........I think a close-up of this turned out fairly well, huh? The little pebbles make a nice textural contrast and it's something a little different.

I mentioned yesterday how the fog kept coming and going and the below photo shows some of that action. I'd never shot the cape from this angle before and the lighthouse looks so small compared to the length of land it sits on.

I love this weather we've been having...........overcast in the morning means that it's probably very warm inland, but here in mid-morning the overcast burns off and it's beautiful! We have a contractor building new steps from our deck to the yard and he looks soooo hot. He was more than grateful for that glass of ice water I brought him. And again, I can feel autumn in the air. Some early leaves are beginning to fall here and there and the rustling sound of Scotch broom as the pods start getting ready to pop. Norm has started moving our firewood from where he had it stacked to finish drying, over to where it'll be handy to haul in this winter. So the days and seasons proceed and change.

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