Monday, August 23, 2010


In looking around the forest up the Elk, I started really looking at the trees. Various splashes of light would contrast with the darker shadows.....some almost black. Maybe I'm preparing to be thoroughly "Wowed" by the fall colors that will be showing up soon.......even as I type. I was working with this first photo in Photoshop and to tell the truth, it was a little more blurry than I could use......and, I think that most people would look at my photo of the trees and not really feel or understand how I was viewing it. I started fooling around with the many tools in my editing program, of which I've haven't explored the full extent as of yet. It was fun seeing the many different effects and how they looked.........So, that is what you're going to be seeing today. I think I like the first one the most. Little color but a lot of contrast and when viewed on large, the unusual detail is worth the time to look. The second here is warmer in tones...........again, a little more interesting than just a photograph of a couple of trees.

Today Norm needed to have a blood test so we ate breakfast out.......more food than we needed, that's for sure! On the way home Norm, who really hates to walk, was lamenting that he just HAS to do it today. I suggested walking the Heads trail instead. He's never been there, amazingly enough. I told him that it didn't have a lot of hills to climb and was a fairly flat, well tended trail. Oopps! I just walk when I walk and spend most of my energy looking around and taking in the beauty that surrounds you on all sides up on that trail. I became much more aware of the climbing Norm had to do and it was just a wee bit more than his calves were comfortable with. But it was one of those days where the wind was down, it was fairly warm and absolutely gorgeous views were around each and every corner! I did see a whale but first only the spray out of the corner of my eyes......then it looked like it was spyhopping once or twice and down he went. No photo, darn!
Hope everyone's Monday went well and Tuesday is even better. I think it's supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow here on the south coast. Enjoy!

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