Tuesday, August 17, 2010


And that's OK, isn't it? I'm sure summer isn't yet over but a break here and there lets us appreciate that warm sun even more. Below is shot I got of some simple grass growing on the beach. I love the willowy and free-flowing look of the leaves. You would have been able to tell that it was summer since the leaves are pointing south. LOL. We're famous here for our summer north winds. I like the equally simple ripples in the sand. Interesting contrasts. Here is one of my favorites, showing off that beautiful fog but allowing enough detail and color of the dunes and hills to show through. I'll probably have this one enlarged and printed up. I like it that much. Today I finally made that stew I wrote about last week. Lamb stew has been wafting it's delicious aromas through the house. Now THERE'S a word I use all the time!! Waft.
Who talks like that anymore?? Well, obviously not me by what I'm writing here, huh?
The rest of the day was catch up with all kinds of mundane chores. And I'll be going out with Norm to see how our new steps are progressing...........Everyone have a great Wednesday!!

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